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Fail-proof, leak-proof, solvent-welded connections between thermoplastic pipe and fittings is an important part of the pipe installation process. The way plastic pipe and fittings are solvent welded can impact the success or failure of the entire piping system. Thus, proper solvent welding techniques are necessary and require the professional care and attention like other components of the piping system. FIXEL takes pride in offering our customers comprehensive technical support so they can, in turn, ensure that each and every pipe and fittings connection is properly solvent welded.


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Quality Support

Our PVC solvent cement is clear, medium bodied, fast setting, high strength for all classes and schedules of PVC, CPVC pipes and fittings. We are a supplier of PVC, CPVC solvent cement, which has a high strength. This is extensively used for adhering rigid PVC, CPVC, ASTM to itself in pipe, fittings and sheet form.